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  • An exploration of operational excellence methodologies implementation in the logistics sectors: a global study, Trakulsunti, Y., Antony, J., Garza-Reyes, J., Tortorella, G., Chuayjan, W., Foster, M. 10 Jan 2024, In: TQM Journal
  • Integrating Lean Six Sigma and Industry 4.0: Developing a Design Science Research-Based LSS4.0 Framework for Operational Excellence, Skalli, D., Cherrafi, A., Charkaoui, A., Chiarini, A., Shokri, A., Antony, J., Garaza-Reyes, J., Foster, M. 29 Feb 2024, In: Production Planning & Control
  • A systematic review of lean implementation frameworks and roadmaps: lessons learned and the way forward, Mamoojee-Khatib, H., Antony, J., Teeroovengadum, V., Garza-Reyes, J., Tortorella, G., Foster, M., Cudney, E. 22 Dec 2023, In: TQM Journal
  • Guest editorial: A retrospective and prospective of how to develop managers, framed by post-pandemic experiences of digital transformation, Stevens, M., Foster, M., Dixon-Todd , Y. 4 Aug 2023, In: Journal of Management Development
  • How reverse mentoring helps co-create institutional knowledge., Foster, M. 23 Mar 2023, In: THE - Times Higher Education
  • Some academics are seen as more proper than others, Dickinson, J., Griffiths, T., Foster, M., Johnson, S. 28 Sep 2023
  • Strengthening Collaboration Amongst Professionals in the Public Sector in the Digital Era – an Exploratory Study at Northumbria University (NU) and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), Foster, M., van Middlekoop, D., Haddad, S., Sasse, S. Jun 2023
  • Fostering Growth Relationships Among Globally Diverse Students in Borderless University, Foster, M. 2 Sep 2021

Mutlu Yazman Towards a more efficient architecture for the investment products market Start Date: 03/04/2023

  • Business Studies PhD November 11 1999
  • Management PGDip
  • Language Studies (other/general) MA (Hons)
  • Certified Management and Business Educator CMBE
  • National Teaching Fellow NTF
  • Principal Fellow of HEA PFHEA

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