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Prof Jason Ellis


Department: Psychology

Jason Ellis Staffprofile Northumbriauniversity255Jason Ellis is Professor in Psychology at Northumbria University and Director of the Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research. He has sat on various committees including the British Psychological Society – Division of Health Psychology, the Teaching and Educational Advisory Committee for the Sleep Research Society (based in the USA) and the Division of Health Psychology Scotland.

Jason has presented his research at numerous conferences and invited talks in the UK, Europe, the United States and Canada (including the University of California – San Diego C.A., Harvard Medical School M.A., and the University of Laval, Quebec), and the rest of the world.

Additionally he has consulted for Transport for London, Wall to Wall Media, Cussons Pearl, and UCB Pharma. He is also actively involved in both public and professional engagement activities, speaking at the British Science Festival, TEDx Conference, and the National Science Learning Centre.

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • An online behavioural self-help intervention rapidly improves acute insomnia severity and subjective mood during the COVID-19 pandemic: a stratified randomised controlled trial, Elder, G., Santhi, N., Robson, A., Alfonso-Miller, P., Spiegelhalder, K., Ellis, J. 2 Mar 2024, In: Sleep
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  • Tracy Rogers Differentiating sleepiness from fatigue a multi-method approach Start Date: 01/10/2018
  • Paul Isaacs Start Date: 22/07/2016
  • Rónán Doherty Sleep, Nutrition and Recovery in Athletes Start Date: 01/10/2016 End Date: 27/05/2022
  • Tracy Rogers Start Date: 01/10/2018 End Date: 19/03/2021
  • Greg Elder Measuring a Sleep/Stress Switch Point Start Date: 01/09/2010 End Date: 22/05/2014
  • Jane Dawson Visceral and Behavioural Responses to Modern Art: Influence of Expertise, Type of Art and Context Start Date: 18/02/2013 End Date: 27/02/2017
  • Rachel Sharman Emperically Testing the Neurocognitive Model of Insomnia Start Date: 01/09/2010 End Date: 16/10/2014

Psychology PhD June 30 2004

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