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Prof Laurent Dala


Department: Mechanical and Construction Engineering

Laurent DalaLaurent received his PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Manchester. He also graduated from the French Grandes Ecoles in Aerospace Engineering (Ecole Superieure des Techniques Aerospatiales-ESTA) and in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (Ecole Speciale des Travaux Publics, du Batiment et de l’Industrie-ESTP).

He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, a Chartered Engineer (CEng and Eur-Ing)  and the Past President of the Aeronautical Society of South Africa (AeSSA).

Laurent was titular of the Chair in Aerospace Engineering and Head of the Aerospace Research Group at the University of Pretoria (South Africa) till October 2016. He has a very long and successful experience in applied and fundamental research in international aerospace projects, such as in the FP6 European project NACRE (New Aircraft Concepts Research), where he was the Chairman of the Advisory Group. His research is based on a multi- and cross- discipline approach, combining analytical/engineering (using Asymptotic Theory for instance), experimental and computational methods.

His fields of expertise are Aerodynamics, Aeroelasticity, Aeroacoustics, Flight Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Optimisation Methods.

Campus Address

Wynne Jones Bulding
Newcastle upon Tyne

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  • Flatness-Based Control In Successive Loops For Autonomous Quadrotors, Rigatos, G., Abbaszadeh, M., Busawon, K., Dala, L., Pomares, J., Zouari, F. 6 Dec 2023, In: Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, Transactions of the ASME
  • Influence of curvature distribution smoothing on the reduction of aerofoil self-noise, Shen, X., Avital, E., Ikram, Z., Yang, L., Korakianitis, T., Dala, L. 24 Apr 2023, In: International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow
  • Aerodynamic Optimisations of Vortex Generators on a Wind Turbine Aerofoil using an Adjoint Solver, Shen, X., Dala, L., Xu, B., Yang, L., Zhu, C., Conchello, A. 14 Dec 2022, IEEE 7th International Conference on Environment Friendly Energies and Applications, IEEE
  • A Nonlinear Optimal Control Method for Attitude Stabilization of Micro-Satellites, Rigatos, G., Abbaszadeh, M., Busawon, K., Dala, L. Sep 2022, In: Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Bio-inspired design of leading-edge tubercles on wind turbine blades, Shen, X., McKegney, J., Zhu, C., Xu, B., Yang, L., Dala, L. 14 Dec 2022, IEEE 7th International Conference on Environment Friendly Energies and Applications (EFEA), IEEE
  • Development of an Innovative Angle-Controlling Oscillation Mechanism for Wind Tunnel Testing, Shen, X., Landeau, A., Deng, X., Xu, B., Yang, L., Dala, L. 14 Dec 2022, 2022 7th International Conference on Environment Friendly Energies and Applications (EFEA), IEEE
  • Direct Numerical Simulations of Aerodynamic Performance of Wind Turbine Aerofoil by Considering the Blades Active Vibrations, Erfanian Nakhchi Toosi, M., Win Naung, S., Dala, L., Rahmati, M. 1 May 2022, In: Renewable Energy
  • Intelligent Nanoscopic Cyclist Crash Modelling for Variable Environmental Conditions, Malik, F., Dala, L., Busawon, K. Aug 2022, In: IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Intelligent Real-Time Modelling of Rider Personal Attributes for Safe Last-Mile Delivery to Provide Mobility as a Service, Malik, F., Dala, L., Khalid, M., Busawon, K. 21 Oct 2022, In: Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
  • Nonlinear Optimal Control for Attitude Stabilization of Micro-satellites, Rigatos, G., Cuccurullo, G., Abbaszadeh, M., Busawon, K., Dala, L. 6 Apr 2022, International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, ICNAAM 2020, American Institute of Physics Inc.

  • Jafar Masri An Investigation into Dynamic Stability of Waterborne Aircraft on Take-off and Landing Start Date: 01/10/2017 End Date: 21/09/2020
  • Faheem Malik AI-Based Cyclist Safety Hybrid Modelling for Future Transport Network Start Date: 24/04/2019 End Date: 25/03/2022
  • Sayed Ebrahim The aerodynamic characteristics of passenger vehicles operating in a platoon Start Date: 09/05/2019 End Date: 15/07/2020
  • Ravindu Ranaweera Effects of Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics Performance of Vehicles Travelling in Platoons Start Date: 24/04/2019

  • Mechanical Engineering PhD June 01 1997
  • Mechanical Engineering External Verified Award September 01 1989
  • Mechanical Engineering External Verified Award September 01 1988
  • Fellow of Royal Aeronautical Society FRAeS
  • European Chartered Engineer Eur-Ing
  • Fellow (FHEA) Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2017
  • Chartered Engineer (CEng) Engineering Council UK (ECUK) 2016

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