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  • Building Equality: A “Litmus Test” for Recognising and Evidencing Inequalities and Segregation in the Built Environment, Crilly, M., Varna, G., Vemury, C., Lemon, M., Mitchell, A. 16 Mar 2023, In: Urban Planning
  • Off the Wall: Manufacturing Future Homes based on a 'Throughput' Business Model, Crilly, M., Bomken, Y. 22 Dec 2023, Future Home, London, Routledge
  • Planning for decentralised energy: Institutions, sources and users of heat networks in Northeast England, Otchere-Darko, W., Crilly, M., Jenkinson, T., Harper, C., Ingall-Tombs, E., Bryson-Harris, E. 4 Jun 2023, Governing Heterogeneous Energy Infrastructures
  • Synthetic Campuses and the Contemporary Digital Kaleidoscope of Learning, Varna, G., Crilly, M. 23 Jun 2023, The Synthetic City Conference
  • The Origins and Structure of the Digital City: From SimCity to Big BIM, Crilly, M., Wilson, A. 23 Jun 2023, The Synthetic City Conference
  • Coding design processes: A common procedural language for supporting design quality in planning, Crilly, M., Wilson, A. 6 Sep 2022, UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference 2022
  • Generation Objects, Icons, Architecture and Collections: Object lessons from the work of Douglas Coupland, Crilly, M. 23 Apr 2021, Douglas Coupland and the Art of the Extreme Present
  • Common Language of Sustainability for Built Environment Professionals—The Quintuple Helix Model for Higher Education, Crilly, M., Vemury, C., Humphrey, R., Rodriguez, S., Crosbie, T., Johnson, K., Wilson, A., Heidrich, O. 10 Nov 2020, In: Energies
  • Media, Memes, Emojis and Other Digital Metaphors, Crilly, M., Morton, C. 29 Jun 2020, Connections
  • Convergence and interoperability of BIM with passive design principles, Crilly, M., Toledo, L. 9 Mar 2018, 22nd International Passive House Conference 2018

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