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Laser-based material processing and additive manufacturing; Characterizations and Mechanical behaviour of Processed materials; Mechanical and Manufacturing systems; Welding processes: Friction Stir Welding, Laser Welding, MIG and TIG welding; Advanced coating technologies and surface engineering; Numerical Study of Processed Materials; Energy Studies Renewable energy systems (wind & solar energy, Biomass); Waste Management of Municipal waste; Composite development from waste and reinforcement of Fibre; Composites with metallic powders.

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  • Evaluation of a hybrid solar power system as a potential replacement for urban residential and medical economic activity areas in southern Nigeria, Ismaila, Z., Falode, O., Diji, C., Kazeem, R., Ikumapayi, O., Petinrin, M., Awonusi, A., Adejuwon, S., Jen, T., Akinlabi, S., Akinlabi, E. 24 Mar 2023, In: AIMS Energy
  • Experimental and finite element simulation for thermal distribution in TIG, MIG and TIG-MIG hybrid welds, Abima, C., Madushele, N., Mwema, F., Akinlabi, S. 20 Jan 2023, In: International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing
  • Forecast of the Trend in Sales Data of a Confectionery Baking Industry Using Exponential Smoothing and Moving Average Models, Kazeem, R., Petinrin, M., Akhigbe, P., Jen, T., Akinlabi, E., Akinlabi, S., Ikumapayi, O. 28 Feb 2023, In: Mathematical Modelling of Engineering Problems
  • Grey-based taguchi method for multi-weld quality optimization of gas metal arc dissimilar joining of mild steel and 316 stainless steel, Ogbonna, O., Akinlabi, S., Madushele, N., Fatoba, O., Akinlabi, E. 1 Mar 2023, In: Results in Engineering
  • Multi-response optimization of TIG dissimilar welding of AISI 1008 mild steel and AISI 316 stainless steel using grey-based Taguchi method, Ogbonna, O., Akinlabi, S., Madushele, N., Fatoba, O., Akinlabi, E. 3 Mar 2023, In: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Advances in the Application of Vegetable-Oil-Based Cutting Fluids to Sustainable Machining Operations—A Review, Kazeem, R., Fadare, D., Ikumapayi, O., Adediran, A., Aliyu, S., Akinlabi, S., Jen, T., Akinlabi, E. 15 Apr 2022, In: Lubricants
  • Analysis of the Physicochemical Properties of Some Selected Non-Edible Vegetable Oil-Based Cutting Fluids Using the Design of Experiment (DOE) Approach, Kazeem, R., Fadare, D., Ikumapayi, O., Akinlabi, S., Afolalu, S., Akinlabi, E. 19 Jan 2022, In: Lubricants
  • A Review of the Potentials of Grey Cast Iron and its Manufacturability, Salawu, E., Ajayi, O., Inegbenebor, A., Akinlabi, S., Dirisu, J., Araoyinbo, A. 17 Aug 2022, Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability, TMREES21Gr 2021, American Institute of Physics Inc.
  • Characterisation of Aluminium Ni–40Fe–10Ti fabricated by friction stir processing, Sibisi, T., Shongwe, M., Johnson, O., Mahamood, R., Akinlabi, S., Hassan, S., Dong, H., Carter, K., Akinlabi, E. 31 Oct 2022, In: Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies
  • Characterizations of AA5083-H116 produced by friction stir spot welding technique, Akinlabi, E., Ikumapayi, O., Osinubi, A., Madushele, N., Abegunde, O., Fatoba, S., Akinlabi, S. 30 Nov 2022, In: Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies

I am currently recruiting PhD candidates that may be interested in the areas of my research fields.

In addition, students working in my field of research on bench work or exchange may contact me.

I am also open to collaborating with colleagues working in my area of research and Postdoctoral Fellows to develop innovative research.

  • Mechanical Engineering DEng April 06 2017
  • Law Related Studies PGDip February 25 2017
  • Mechanical Engineering MEng May 11 2005
  • Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons) May 28 1997

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