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My research focuses on understanding the processes and practices of coaches, teachers, and organisational leaders in their facilitation (or thwarting) of optimal human functioning within sport and education contexts. Specifically, I examine how (and why) these key influencers impact performers’, participants’, and volunteers’ motivation, performance, psychological needs satisfaction, well-being and life skill development. My research adopts a social psychological perspective to understand the social contextual and individual factors that influence coaches’ and athletes’ experiences in sport and includes the psychosocial development of young people.

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  • The “Face” of Coach Development: A Systematic Review of the Role of the Coach Developer, Jones, T., Allen, J., Macdonald, S. 1 Jan 2024, In: International Sport Coaching Journal
  • Coaching high performance athletes, Allen, J., Muir, B. 19 Mar 2021, Coaching for Human Development and Performance in Sports, Cham, Switzerland, Springer
  • 'Zooming in' on the antecedents of youth sport coaches' autonomy-supportive and controlling interpersonal behaviours: a multimethod study, Carroll, M., Allen, J. 1 Apr 2021, In: International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching
  • A self-determination theory based investigation of life skills development in youth sport, Cronin, L., Ellison, P., Allen, J., Huntley, E., Johnson, L., Kosteli, M., Hollis, A., Marchant, D. 18 Apr 2022, In: Journal of Sports Sciences
  • Development and initial validation of the life skills ability scale for higher education students, Cronin, L., Allen, J., Ellison, P., Marchant, D., Levy, A., Harwood, C. 3 Jun 2021, In: Studies in Higher Education

  • Timothy Jones Start Date: 01/10/2023
  • Stephen Foley Incident Reporting Mechanisms and Cultures in Sea Kayaking Start Date: 01/10/2023
  • Ben King Start Date: 01/10/2023
  • Sally Anderson Start Date: 01/10/2023

  • Sports Science PhD December 01 2001
  • Sports Studies MA May 01 1996
  • Physiology BSc December 01 1992
  • Sports Science BSc (Hons) May 01 1992
  • Senior Fellow Higher Education Authority Senior Fellow HEA 2022

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