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Real estate investment and finance, corporate strategy, transaction networks 

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  • In the flexible working era: the micro-location choices of co-working spaces, Lavoratori, K., Wu, Y., Zhang, F. 10 Jun 2024, In: Regional Studies
  • Agglomeration in The Flexible Working Era: The Micro-location Choices of Co-working Spaces, Lavoratori, K., Wu, Y., Zhang, F. 20 Jul 2023, AREUEA International Conference Cambridge 2023
  • How Do Foreign Real Estate Investors Form Local Networks Within and Across Cities?, Nanda, A., Zhang, F. Jan 2023
  • Learning or Partnering? An Investigation of Foreign Real Estate Investment Strategies, Nanda, A., Zhang, F. May 2022
  • How would the COVID-19 pandemic reshape retail real estate and high streets through acceleration of E-commerce and digitalization?, Nanda, A., Xu, Y., Zhang, F. 1 Jun 2021, In: Journal of Urban Management
  • Only the Best? Exploring Cross-Border Investor Preferences in US Gateway Cities, Devaney, S., Scofield, D., Zhang, F. 1 Oct 2019, In: Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics
  • Strategic Alliance and Submarket Choices of Commercial Real Estate Investors–A Multinomial Approach, Zhang, F., Devaney, S., Nanda, A. 27 Jun 2018, European Real Estate Society 25th Annual Conference

  • Financial Management MSc December 06 2015
  • Economics BA June 12 2014
  • Estate Management PhD

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