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As a social scientist, my research is committed to developing and applying innovative research methods that produces knowledge about how health and social problems are understood in vulnerable populations. My research interests are informed by social science theory and are both academically focused as well as grounded in ‘real’ service development and innovation. 

Over the past 20 years I have been involved in a number of research and evaluation projects in the UK and New Zealand that have provided timely and on-going responses to mental health, at-risk youth, substance use, and criminal justice issues through developing and implementing monitoring and outcome measures, assessing the health and social impact of these issues on individuals and groups, and providing appropriate recommendations for positive outcomes. 

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  • ‘For Want of a Nail’: developing a transparent approach to retroduction and early initial programme theory development in a realist evaluation of community end of life care services, McEwan, K., Girling, M., Bate, A., Atkinson, J., Clarke, A., Dalkin, S. 3 Jul 2024, In: International Journal of Social Research Methodology
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PhD March 20 2019

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