Learn Through Work (Professional Practice Awards)

Work with Northumbria University to gain a degree through work based learning.

Government funded agencies in both elite and participation sport continue to focus on developing a world leading coaching system in the UK and have a firm desire to ensure coaching gains recognised professional status.

As a result there is an ever increasing demand for active coaches and coach educators from across the participation and performance domains to obtain relevant and current continued professional development in coaching. 

The Professional Practice in Sport Awards Framework at Northumbria University spans both undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study across the disciplines of: sport management, sport development, sport coaching and sport science and this provides a basis for career development into and through the existing and emerging professional pathways of the sport coaching profession. 

Across the Northumbria Professional Practice Awards in Sport we ensure a particular emphasis on developing a critical understanding of sport coaching through the examination of underpinning concepts, practice and research evidence pertinent to applied sport coaching and the overall management and development of the coaching process within the context of your sport.

The Northumbria University Professional Practice in Sport Framework allows for development of bespoke qualifications with a highly skilled and experienced team of academics who are also active within sport coaching/practice as well. 

The uniqueness of our approach is the work-based learning focus which allows for flexibility across our delivery, content and timing of the programmes we develop with the National Governing Bodies (NGB). 

We have previously worked in partnership with a number of NGB’s including British Tennis, British Equestrian Federation, British Rowing and Football League Education and developed bespoke undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications that compliment and integrate alongside existing NGB coach education structures and approaches. 

We ensure the needs of the sport and the coaches are at the centre of any programme development designed to deliver an advanced syllabus of professional education that aligns with each NGB’s strategic coach education strategy.’

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