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Teaching and Learning

At SWECW, the focus of our teaching is the creation of the next generation of front-line workers in Education, Social Work, Occupational Therapy and other key professions to ensure community well-being.

At all levels of study, you can expect to be taught by experts who are engaged in active research to further our understanding of education and social/health care. This leading to real world impact in the form of more effective professionals, improved services and ultimately improved quality of life. 

On many of our programmes you will have an opportunity to gain direct experience from working within services. From this you will very quickly become an active part of our ongoing commitment to excellence at a local, regional, national and global level.

Latest News and Features

Pictured from left to right: Executive Director and Joint CEO of Live Theatre Jacqui Kell, Director of Cultural Partnerships at Northumbria University Neil Percival, and Director of Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums (TWAM) Keith Merrin.
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Act Now, Common Sense Policy Group
gettyimages/Robert Ingelhart
Launch of The Regeneration Shop in Chopwell. Sarah Cotton, Senior Programmes Manager at Chopwell Regeneration Group; Jennine Wilson, Lecturer in Fashion and Senior Technician at Northumbria University; Hal Convery, Shop Manager at The Regeneration Shop; Crystal Hicks, Executive Director of Chopwell Regeneration Group; Gayle Cantrell, Assistant Professor BA Fashion Communication at Northumbria University; Sophie Wetherell, Assistant Professor BA Fashion / MA Fashion Design at Northumbria University; Emma Jane Goldsmith Assistant Professor BA Fashion / MA Fashion Design at Northumbria University; Professor Anne Peirson-Smith, Head of Fashion at Northumbria University.
Professor Matthew Johnson.
A three-year research project, led by academics from Northumbria University, aims to better connect the care system and expand it include creative health approaches such as art, crafts, sports, gardening or cooking to provide holistic support tailored to individuals. Getty Images.
Research led by Northumbria academics shines a light on the impact of moving patients from hospitals to care homes during the pandemic. Photo - Getty Images

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