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Research and Knowledge Exchange

The research undertaken in SWECW is diverse, intersecting across many academic and professional disciplines and wider sectors of society. Broadly speaking, our research is guided by principles of social justice and can be organised into three main themes.

Firstly we are interested in supporting People and Communities, who may experience marginalisation. This may involve creative ways of directly working with people with lived experience of health, social or educational inequalities, disadvantage or marginalisation. Secondly in terms of Practice and Practitioners, we aim to support new and effective ways of supporting professionals working with these people and communities. This includes for example Teachers, Social Workers and Occupational Therapists in both statutory and third sector organisations. Finally, the Services and Systems which govern and guide the delivery of services need to be researched and evaluated to ensure any innovations and change are both effective and lasting.

At the core of all of these themes is the drive to challenge inequalities across education, social care and health and develop the next generation of research informed professionals. More than ever given recent international health concerns and possible reforms in national social care the research undertaken SWECW is central to the future wellbeing of the public and the communities they form.

Find out more below about the varied aspects of our research including research themes and key partnerships and collaborations.

Latest News and Features

A three-year research project, led by academics from Northumbria University, aims to better connect the care system and expand it include creative health approaches such as art, crafts, sports, gardening or cooking to provide holistic support tailored to individuals. Getty Images.
Research led by Northumbria academics shines a light on the impact of moving patients from hospitals to care homes during the pandemic. Photo - Getty Images
Researchers secure funds for brain health study on military veterans
New project to improve data on veteran health and social care provision in the UK
Guardian University Guide 2024, Top 40 text graphic.
Research with the North East Ambulance Service aims to support callers experiencing loneliness.
Northumbria University's City Campus
Complex stories of homelessness, as told through the experiences of women in the North East of England, are the focus of a study led by Joanne McGrath, a third year PhD student based at Northumbria University.

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