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Exploring your Options

Graduate Futures is here to help and guide you no matter what path you choose to take after university. We understand that heading straight into a career after graduation isn’t for everyone, and therefore, we can support you, whether you are considering postgraduate study, or wish to build your own business.


Postgraduate Study 
If you are considering postgraduate study – whether at diploma, Masters, or PhD level – we can support you in determining the right programme for you, help you explore the career possibilities opened up by postgraduate study, advise on how to make best use of the opportunities available, and assist you in making great applications.   

Student and Graduate Enterprise
A free service specialising in assisting a wide range of entrepreneurs in starting up their own business or becoming self-employed. They also offer Enterprise workshops, Enterprise Experience and a Female Accelerator Programme. If you have a business idea or are just thinking about it, you can find our more by visiting the Student and Graduate Enterprise web page.

Career Decision Making 
Graduate Futures understands that making a decision about your future career can be overwhelming, particularly if you aren’t sure where to start or what your options are. You may have really enjoyed your degree subject but you see your career in a different vocational area, or you may no longer wish to pursue your initial career path that is aligned with your degree. You are not alone, Graduate Futures can help. 


By visiting Careers Online you can have 24 hours access to tools that can really help you in your career planning, so much so we have a dedicated section called just that. You can check your Career Pulse which generates a report for you to reflect on, become more self-aware, and consider recommended actions that can help you progress in your career decision making. You can also take a wide range of careers assessments to help you understand your motivations, preferences and values. This includes personality insights, workplace culture and motivation at work. 


Global Careers
If you are an international graduate who wishes to stay in the UK after graduation but isn’t sure how to go about, it is important to get fully informed on the regulations in place for non-citizens working in the UK. You can find out more by visiting the UKCISA website.  


To assist you in your career aspirations we have some helpful resources you can access via Careers Online. This includes an online International Students Careers Programme that graduates can access which aims to support you in some key areas: exploring career possibilities, finding suitable jobs and gaining an insight into how to succeed throughout the application and recruitment process.   


We have also created a list of websites for jobs in the UK in the ‘Finding Graduate Jobs’ section of our employability hub, Careers Online. Alternatively, you can access the resource GoinGlobal for international jobs, placements and work experience, if you want to find jobs worldwide, including in your home country.  



All discussions are impartial and confidential, aimed purely at helping you in finding the best way forward for you. Please visit JobsOnline if you wish to book an appointment.


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