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The principles of collaboration and contribution are at the core of our activities. They define our forms of engagement, our networks, partnerships and the beneficiaries of our research.  

The submission of eight Impact Case Studies drawn from across the Unit’s subject areas signifies our overall commitment to impactful research for the benefit of culture, society and the economy. Examples include design innovation practices for social, commercial and voluntary organisations; supporting sustainable healthcare delivery; and collaborative forms of social and cultural representation to benefit marginalised communities and those suffering the longer-term effects of conflict and trauma.   

These case studies emerge from our continuous interaction with diverse communities, individuals and organisations and the extent to which we share our expertise and maintain our contributions across an extensive range of academic disciplines, subject associations, public, commercial and voluntary sectors. 

The following impact case studies are being entered for this REF submission. Find out more below. 

To read all impact case studies in full, please click here.

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