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Why study abroad

Our students who have been out on study abroad would say ‘why not!?’

Check out below just some of the evidence from Universities UK International ‘go international’ report has found;

  • Only 6.6% of UK undergraduate students study, work or volunteer overseas during their degree…Making you stand out on your CV!
  • 9% who go abroad are more likely to gain a 1st or 2:1 degree…our graduate Louise Waters went from a 2:1 to a 1st after she had done her year abroad!
  • 24% who go abroad are less likely to be unemployed…our graduate Louise had a job secure three months before graduation and our student Carley Denton had set up a business with her husband before graduating!
  • 9% who go abroad more likely to be in ‘graduate’ jobs six months after graduation…our graduate Louise was whittled down to the final 500 in a NHS graduate scheme!
  • 5% who go abroad are higher wage earners six months after graduation!

Why then would you stand out to employers?

Take a look at the evidence from Universities UK International ‘go international’ report has found;

  • 39% of employers were dissatisfied with graduates’ cultural awareness in 2017…you could even do two countries (three for some business courses) in your sandwich year further increasing your cultural awareness!
  • 47% of employers were dissatisfied with graduates’ language skills…even knowing the basics of another language can really make you stand out on a CV
  • Seven out of ten small and medium size enterprises believe further executives will need foreign language skills and international experience…study abroad and you get this on your CV no problem!

There are endless opportunities with taking part in studying abroad, not just for the academic and future career prospects but also for personal reasons. Exploring new countries and making new friends from around the world are just some of the incredible opportunities you can gain from this experience.

Check out what our current students studying abroad and our graduates who have studied abroad say about their experiences here.

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