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Student Opportunities for Sustainability


There are a brilliant range of opportunities for Northumbria students to make a difference: develop your knowledge on the Sustainability Ambassadors programme, share your voice through our forums and groups, and get involved with events and volunteering opportunities.

Details of some opportunities are available below. Details of some opportunities are available below. Contact the Sustainability Manager to find out more.

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Sustainability Training & Inductions

Become a Sustainability Ambassador!

Our Sustainability Ambassadors Programme helps you learn, practise and share simple but impactful sustainability action. This is a fantastic way to make a positive difference (and great for your CV too!).

Hosted on Blackboard you can work through the programme at your own pace to achieve the Bronze, Silver and/or Gold awards. Timings may vary depending on your experience but estimated time requirements are as below.

Bronze Level: Find out more about sustainability with our short training module, simply calculate your carbon footprint and consider how sustainability relates to you. (2 hours).
Silver Level: Choose from a range of challenges to explore ways that you can support sustainability within your own routine. (7 hours)
Gold Level: Use your sustainability expertise to encourage others to make a positive difference. (7 hours)
Applications for Sustainability Ambassadors are currently closed. Sign up to the Student Sustainability Mailing List to be informed when we are accepting applications for the next cohort.

University Sustainability Management Group (USMG)

Education and Research for Sustainability

Hedgehog Friendly Campus





Got an idea?

If you have an idea, please contact the Sustainability Manager to discuss the support available. You might even be able to access support from the sustainability budget. Recent projects given funding support include:

  • Cameras for our volunteer-led hedgehog monitoring for Hedgehog Friendly Campus.
  • Materials for use in the student allotment area (Green Zone).
  • Artist reuse workshops Cooking classes with tips on how to reduce food waste.
  • Planting to support pollinators.

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