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This course is a bespoke Continuing Professional Development course. We will work with you to develop training that will fit your organisation’s needs.  To contact our expert staff to create a bespoke course that is tailor made for you and to receive updates about Continuing Professional Development courses, fill out the enquiry form

At Northumbria University we deliver bespoke development programmes for major commercial, public, and third sector clients in:

  • General management and leadership
  • Change management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Strategy, marketing and innovation

Our programmes are specifically designed for leaders who want to overcome strategic challenges, achieve operational excellence, and have measurable impact.

All of our programmes are challenging and academically rigorous, yet practical. They feature blended learning solutions; practical simulations; action learning, dialogue and reflection; group discussions; drama-based learning; and one-on-one coaching support.

We can meet your needs by either developing a bespoke programme tailored to your exact requirements, or by delivering any combination of our customised masterclasses.

Custom programmes

We will start by working with you to understand the issues you face. Together we will determine “What does success look like? What would be the different or new behaviours that we would see in the participants? What would be the difference in your organisation?’’

Together we will create a tailor-made programme that will help you achieve your objectives, have an impact on your bottom line, and bring about long-term change.


Our one-day masterclasses can be customised to your business needs and delivered in-house on your premises. They will deliver lasting impact on the culture, ambition and commercial success of your organisation, and help you to meet the unique threats and challenges your organisation faces. The following serve as examples of our masterclass series.

Course Information

Award Type Short course non-accredited

Delivery Method Various

Mode of Study

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Leadership and Management


High quality coaching is an essential in every leader’s toolkit, leading to clarity of communication, better delegation and a positive work climate. You will develop practical coaching skills to grow and release potential in individuals and teams, to increase motivation and adaptation to new challenges.  You will learn coaching tools and techniques in a highly participative workshop, receiving individual feedback from experienced coaches so that you leave confident in coaching back at work.     

Building High Performance Teams

Managers will learn how to set the context for high performance teams and create successful team dynamics. You will develop skills that enhance communication and trust, and align team members around shared goals so they can effectively plan, communicate, execute and deliver.

Leading for Impact

You will gain greater clarity and understanding of leadership requirements in the 21st century, and of your own personal leadership challenges. The course will equip you to lead and navigate in an increasingly complex business environment. You will gain insight into your leader identity and leadership strengths, and explore specific techniques that can be used to get alignment, commitment and employee engagement. We will expose you to new ideas and leadership research, challenging your existing experiences through reflection and 360° evaluations.

Leading Strategic Change

This course will equip you to launch programmes of change that deliver business strategies and tangible financial and operational benefits. Participants will re-think linkages between strategy, business processes and change programmes, and identify processes that have been changed to great effect.


Customer Centric Innovation

Successful innovation anticipates the needs of customers through an ongoing process of connectivity, foresight and acumen. Customer Centric Innovation calls for a specific type of leadership that we call Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership: those who will become the architects of all our futures.


Finance for Non-Financial Managers

This course is designed to equip non-financial managers with the finance skills they need to better understand the implications of their decisions, in order to improve the financial performance of their organisation. We will demystify key financial terminology, concepts and principles, enabling mangers operating in a non-financial setting to better understand and contribute to their organisation’s financial success.

Understanding Operational Accounting

This short course will introduce you to accounting principles that underpin management decision-making. It is geared towards professionals who work in production or service environments, where decisions are characteristically based on numerical and accounting data. This course will provide you with the skills required to understanding and shape such decisions. Topics covered include costing, cost-volume-profit analysis, budgeting, and bottleneck decisions.

Developing your Spreadsheet Knowledge

So, you’ve used Excel, but you are sure there is so much more! This short course, split over two four-hour sessions, will introduce you to the formulas and functions that will make your life easier. It will provide you with skills in the development and automation of spreadsheets, in order to produce more accurate and timely analysis. Topics covered include look-up functions, logic functions, filters and smarter formatting.


At Northumbria University we deliver bespoke development programmes for major commercial, public, and third sector clients in General Management and Leadership, Change Management, Finance and Accounting Strategy, Marketing and Innovation.

Every customised learning programme we design is unique, created through a process of consultation, collaboration and continuous feedback. Evaluation, measurement, and how best to support participants in applying their learning are always built in at programme design stage.

These are all bespoke courses. Please enquire for a quote and current/future availability.

Please register your interest for this course and we will be in touch once we have confirmed dates.

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