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Parents' Information Page

At Northumbria University we are committed to providing the best possible support for all of our students. We also recognise the vital role you play in advising, reassuring and supporting your son or daughter during their time preparing for and then experiencing university life.

To help you do this we have prepared a range of information, which is designed to answer any questions you may have about Northumbria University. We have created a video for each of the five main areas we feel that are the most important to both students and their parents. Our videos contain students and parents, who have been through the daunting process of applying to university, voicing their thoughts and opinions.

First in the UK for graduate start-ups*

*The Higher Education Business and Community Interaction Survey (HEBCIS)

*Please note: we use the terms ‘parent’, ‘son’ and ‘daughter’ throughout the website for simplicity, but we appreciate that many of you may be carers, legal guardians or step-parents. This information is aimed at anyone who fulfils a parenting role for a young person in the UK who is considering a university education.

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