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Dr Daniel Ho

VC Senior Fellow

Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

Dr. Ying-Lung Daniel Ho joined the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering at Northumbria University as a Vice-Chancellor's Senior Fellow in September 2019. Before coming to Northumbria University, he was a Research Fellow leading research in direct laser writing using two-photon polymerisation (2PP-DLW) in the Quantum Engineering Technology Labs at the University of Bristol. His work as the Co-I under the EPSRC Programme Grants (EP/M009033/1 & EP/P034446/1). He is also a Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Bristol.

Dr. Ho received his BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the National Taipei University of Technology in Taiwan and the Ph.D. degree in Quantum Photonics from the University of Bristol. His doctoral dissertation, supervised by Prof. John Rarity, FRS, investigated the method of designing efficient single-photon sources for quantum information applications and awarded a commendation for the paper presented at the Sixteenth International Conference on Quantum Electronics and Photonics (QEP-16) and Photon 04.

Daniel Ho


  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering PhD June 20 2007
  • Electrical Engineering BSc June 30 1999

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Harnessing Multi-Photon Absorption to Produce Three-Dimensional Magnetic Structures at the Nanoscale, Hunt, M., Taverne, M., Askey, J., May, A., Van Den Berg, A., Ho, Y., Rarity, J., Ladak, . 7 Feb 2020, In: Materials
  • Indirect optical trapping using light driven micro-rotors for reconfigurable hydrodynamic manipulation, Būtaitė, U., Gibson, G., Ho, Y., Taverne, M., Taylor, J., Phillips , D. 14 Mar 2019, In: Nature Communications
  • Observation of Complete Photonic Bandgap in Low Refractive Index Contrast Inverse Rod-Connected Diamond Structured Chalcogenides, Chen, L., Morgan, K., Alzaidy, G., Huang, C., Ho, Y., Taverne, M., Zheng, X., Ren, Z., Feng, Z., Zeimpekis, I., Hewak, D., Rarity, J. 15 May 2019, In: ACS Photonics
  • Cavity Design in Woodpile Based 3D Photonic Crystal, Zheng, X., Taverne, M., Ho, Y., Rarity, J. 5 Jul 2018, In: Applied Sciences
  • Enhanced UV/blue fluorescent sensing using metal-dielectric-metal aperture nanoantenna arrays, Ngo, Q., Ho, Y., Pugh, J., Sarua, ., Cryan, M. 11 Apr 2018, In: Current Applied Physics
  • Fabrication of hybrid Fabry-Pérot microcavity using two-photon lithography for single-photon sources, Ortiz-Huerta, F., Chen, L., Taverne, M., Hadden, J., Johnson, M., Ho, Y., Rarity, J. 6 Dec 2018, In: Optics Express
  • Fabrication of micro-scale fracture specimens for nuclear applications by direct laser writing, Taverne, M., Zheng, X., Morgan, K., Zeimpekis, I., Huang, C., Ho, Y., Mostafavi, M., Shterenlikht, . 26 Feb 2018, In: MRS Advances
  • Microstructure-Stabilized Blue Phase Liquid Crystals, Lin, J., Ho, Y., Chen, L., Lopez-Garcia, M., Jiang, S., Taverne, M., Lee, C., Rarity, J. 13 Nov 2018, In: ACS Omega
  • Soft Matter Photonics, Huang, S., Ho, D., Lin, J. 25 Nov 2018, In: Advances in Condensed Matter Physics
  • Strong light confinement in rod-connected diamond photonic crystals, Taverne, M., Ho, Y., Zheng, X., Chen, L., Fang, ., Rarity, J. 1 Nov 2018, In: Optics Letters

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Daniel's research interests lie primarily in the field of Quantum Optics, Nanophotonics, and Nanomanufacturing techniques. He is an expert in nanofabrication (3D additive nanomanufacturing and focused ion beam etching), modelling (Finite-Difference Time-Domain, and plane-wave expansion methods) and characterisation (in-house built Fourier imaging spectroscopy, and confocal microscopy). His area right now has focused on the artificially structured electromagnetic materials for efficient control of light-matter interactions and the development of advanced optoelectronic devices for practical applications (e.g., sensing, light trapping, and solar energy harvesting, and quantum technology, etc.).


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