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Newcastle Business School’s Engagement with Business

At Newcastle Business School we challenge and inspire our clients to enable their personal, team and organisational development by blending business research with relevant business issues.  We have a global reputation for delivering business management education in the UK and offer research rich processes and practices that enable businesses to learn and change.  We are an award winning, professional, business focused School with academics and practitioners highly experienced in delivering results for business. 

Our reputation for working with external organisations

As the first Business School in Europe to secure double accreditation in both Business and Accounting from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) we are part of an elite group of less than 1% of the world’s 17,000 Business Schools. The School is also accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) for our suite of 18 undergraduate programmes – more than any business school in the UK.

ACCREDITED PROGRAMME (1)In the latest national Research Excellence Framework 60% of our research was judged to produce Internationally Excellent and World Leading Impact.  This means real improvements to businesses and communities arising from our work.  We have significant experience of working with leading businesses such as BAE Systems, Procter and Gamble, NHS, Capita, Northumbrian Water, the Army, the Rugby Players Association and Zurich Finance. Our academic staff work at the cutting edge of their disciplines and retain excellent links with industry, commerce and the professions. 106 of our academic staff are professionally qualified or have professional accreditations and our academic programmes are accredited by 17 professional bodies. For example, our BA (Hons) Accounting Programme currently has 6 accreditations from 6 professional bodies (including ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW).

We have a Corporate and Executive Development Centre that enables leaders and managers  to learn and grow by engaging in work-related projects within their own organisation, aiding improvements in business strategy, marketing, people management practice, financial performance and business processes, alongside the development of their leadership and management skills. 

Our expertise

As a large and diverse Business School we have a wealth of expertise that addresses a wide range of organisational challenges, these clustered around specific subject areas including:

Research Groups

To find out more about our research activities, please click here

  • Digital Business
  • Strategic Innovation & Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Responsible Business

These groups are led by highly experienced practitioners with an understanding of business needs, supported by Business Development Managers who tailor business and research projects to meet business needs. 

Business Development Managers are the first port of call for organisations, please contact Vincent Robson on or 0191 349 5094 / 07711 919481.

Products and Services

We have a comprehensive range of business to business research and consultancy services.  Find out more about what we offer below:

Short Courses and Continuing Professional Development

We have an excellent track record of working with a variety of organisations to design and deliver flexible leadership and management development solutions. We offer a range or programmes tailored to develop your organisation and your role within it, delivered in flexible ways, mapped to nationally recognised competence frameworks and your organisational competences and assessed by means of work based or work related projects.

Case study: See how we are working with Capita on a bespoke management development programme:

In certain circumstances we formally accredit internal training and development programmes leading to a Newcastle Business School academic programme offering ensuring a robust academic quality assurance of your staff development and providing your staff with an internationally recognised qualification.

Case study: Find out more about our partnership with the British Army 

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching enables leaders to significantly develop their leader identity, their leadership ability and their strategic capability. Leaders in organisations have a fundamental responsibility to their people and should continuously invest in their professional development. Executive Coaching is an intense learning journey that usually lasts for 6 months resulting in sustainable and profound shifts in leadership capability. Newcastle Business School has offered an Executive Coaching Service for the last ten years and coached over 300 individual leaders and approximately 100 senior teams.

Our experienced and accredited coaches facilitate the exploration of personal needs, motivations, values, skills and thought processes to enable a leader to make significant personal and organisational change.

We carry out research into the field of executive coaching providing the coaches with leading insights into the profession whilst integrating their research into practice.

“The coaching was thought provoking in terms of me. It gave me the opportunity to see where my strengths and weaknesses lie as a leader and where I need to develop. I now recognise the type of leader I am. I have a better understanding of what I was doing unconsciously. It has been a real eye opener.”

“Where else would you have the opportunity on a one to one basis to talk with absolute confidence about areas where you may have concerns or may not have even thought about? After the second session I came away thinking this is the most productive time I had ever spent with someone. With the greatest sincerity I can say it was a fantastic experience.”

“This has been a life changing experience. The depth of intrapersonal awareness I have gained is an essential component of being a leader. It has been challenging but profound.”

“It’s the most useful management development process that I’ve ever been through and I thank you for that because actually I’m a different person and I’m a different practitioner now and it’s far easier for me now to sit down and say to myself at the end of the day ‘hey was that really the best way to do that?’ And I’ll now do things differently”

“Massively valuable it’s been to me as an individual, particularly for setting me up for the changes that are currently happening, to be able to go into a Board meeting comfortably”

“I feel more confident, I feel more inspired, I feel tired sometimes because it’s very busy but it – overall it feels like I’m more engaged with the business”

“I’ll now be the sort of person and the sort of leader I want to be”

“Not learning leadership from a textbook or a description of how someone else leads, but getting in touch with your value base, what it is that you regard as important and critical to you and your life and leading people through change, setting direction based on what it is that is important to you and, and by, by having that sense of value and by having that touchstone”

“Now always acting in a way that is true to your own internal beliefs and values so that what you then do is a very natural way of behaving and a very empowered way of behaving because it comes from something that’s really deep within you, rather than it being something that you’re putting on because you’re in that role,– a way of going about things that’s very deep and very true to who you are”

“I think it’s just about being so much more aware of me but that’s me the whole me. So me in terms of how I personally react to things, me in terms of how I know that reaction then impacts differently on other people [ ] so it’s about knowing much more about me”

“I carry a sort of angel on my shoulder reminding me of certain ways of acting”

“It will be with me, as a touchstone now, it will be with me for the rest of my life and it should’ve happened much earlier, I think that’s a kind of regret, why didn’t I have the opportunity to have that earlier?”

Contract research

We can collaborate with you to provide bespoke analysis and solutions to issues and challenges affecting your organisation. Contract research involves a greater level of originality than consultancy and is conducted on a contractual basis and may involve ownership, confidentiality and publication restrictions.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

This is a government funded scheme that enables you to access a high quality knowledge transfer associate (graduate), one or more academic supervisors and a wealth of expertise in the business school to help solve a problem or develop new products to enhance the profitability or operational effectiveness of your company. The associate is embedded in your organisation on a project lasting 6 months to 3 years. This three-way relationship is designed to produce results that improve the effectiveness of your organisation. Innovate UK funds KTP with small to medium size companies up to 67% and large companies up to 50%. The company typically pays around £20-26k per annum. This pays for the employment of the Associate, the expertise of the business school staff and the software, databases, equipment and other resources required to investigate the issue. We can also offer KTPs in partnership with other Faculties in the University e.g. related to design, engineering or construction issues.

Case study: Read our  case study with Renown Engineering and Parker

Company sponsored PhD projects

A PhD is a long term, in-depth research study leading to a doctoral thesis. It is the most widely recognised and respected research qualification in the world and produces new knowledge and insights for future generations. Having a PhD study focused on your organisational or sector challenges can be an excellent means of understanding your business in depth and investing in its long term sustainability. The co-funded PhD programme means that the University funds 50% of a 3-year studentship (fees and student stipend) which makes the scheme a highly efficient way of obtaining a fundamental analysis of a research area affecting your organisation together with the expertise of two highly experienced academic supervisors. You will have input into the scope, content and methodology of the study and will have access to the results. It may be possible to embed the PhD student with your organisation for a period of time to enable them to be immersed in the issues affecting your operation and to gather data. They will also have a base at the university where they can access the latest software, research resources and academic support. The cost of a co-funded PhD studentship is £10k per year for 3 years. The University covers the other £10k and this covers fees, supervision, student stipend, materials, software etc. At the end of the study you will receive a copy of the thesis and a summary report and where appropriate an oral report to your Board or nominated representative.

Case study: Find out how we work with Northumbrian Water


Our leading academics are on hand to work alongside you, engaging you to really understand your organisational challenges and providing relevant solutions across a wide range of sectors. Our ultimate aim is to provide flexible resolutions that meet your needs.

With our diverse range of skills, our academics – available as individual subject specialists and multi-disciplinary teams - can cover everything from business strategy development to complex technical issues over the short or long term.


Joint research bids with our academics

We are always interested in partnering with public and private sector organisations to prepare bids to research funding councils, Government schemes and European Union research calls. We have a wealth of experience in this area and an excellent research support office that can help to prepare and cost bids and administer the contract once awarded. Please contact one of our Business Development Managers to find out more.


This scheme enables you to access talent and bring into your organisation an Undergraduate or Postgraduate student to experience your working environment and learn whilst working on your behalf. The placement experience provides an opportunity for you to work with a motivated and engaged individual, whilst enabling the student to develop their employability and leadership attributes. Your organisation pays a salary to the student. The placement time period can range from a few weeks up to two years.

Case study: Find out how our Business Leadership & Corporate Management students are on placement at Greggs 


Internships are extra-curricular and can be undertaken by students or graduates at any level and are not assessed as part of the student’s degree. We advertise all internship opportunities through our Student Engagement Centre. Your organisation will pay a salary to the student or graduate and the internship can be full time or part time, lasting from a few days/weeks, over the summer or a longer period.

OPR – PR Assistant/Internship:

“Having an intern in post will dramatically help increase productivity in the office, increase the servicing of current client accounts, and allow the current team more time to develop new business and explore new opportunities with current clients.”

Business Clinic

This is a free service offered primarily to SME’s, the aim being to provide you with additional resource and talent to work on a project or specific business challenge to help move your business forward. Business Consultancy Projects are undertaken by Undergraduate or Postgraduate students supervised by an experienced member of academic staff and working as a team, they research the issue and provide you with a detailed report containing their findings, analysis and recommendations. Access to students can take place throughout the year but for the most part, the Undergraduate projects are allocated in October and completed by the following April and the Postgraduate projects allocated in March and completed by the following September.
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Sponsor an MBA Thesis student

This new initiative enables you to sponsor a Masters student who is undertaking the research stage of their MBA course. They will work in or with your organisation for three months while completing a project focused on your business needs. They will be supervised by an experienced member of academic staff and they will access the latest sector information and research databases to conduct their research. At the end of the process you will receive an executive report summarising the key findings of the research and a presentation to your Board or nominated representative. This is also an excellent means of seeing potential new talent close up which can lead to you securing valuable new additions to your workforce following graduation. The cost of Master’s thesis sponsorship is up to £3,500.

Multi-disciplinary Innovation Projects

This service is based at the Northern Design Centre in Gateshead and enables organisations to have a multidisciplinary team of Masters level students supervised by expert staff review a particular business or community issue in a holistic and multi-faceted manner to produce creative ideas, new approaches and inventive solutions to problems.

Find out more about the programme

Volunteering Projects (Not for Profit sector organisations)

The Business Volunteering Scheme brings together small groups of Undergraduate Business students to work on a project for a not-for-profit organisation. These projects enable local not-for-profit organisations to get help from students to undertake projects which they either do not have time for, or which they do not feel that they have the business knowledge to undertake. Students work for 2 – 3 hours a week on their project. This can be a very rewarding experience for students and is a valuable opportunity to gain experience in a real-life organisation. There is no cost to the organisation but they must be a registered charity.

Case Study: Find out how our students are working with Team Kenya to make a difference. 

For more information, please contact our Business Development Manager, Vincent Robson on or 0191 349 5094 / 07711 919481.

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

At Northumbria University, our higher and degree apprenticeships are more than a learning programme; they are a partnership. We work with organisations to create courses that meet the demands of businesses.




Working with Northumbria University’s leading researchers and scientists enables organisations to achieve game-changing impact.

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