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Internships and Funding

Recruiting a Student or Graduate Intern

Recruiting a student or a graduate intern offers a wealth of benefits to your business or organisation including an injection of skills, up-to-date knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm to drive your business further.

A graduate or student intern could help your business fill a skills gap or vacancy, address a project, or contribute to the development of a new product, or improvements to business process. You may even identify a future candidate for your business!

Internships are a short period of paid work experience that that are not undertaken as part of a course, and can be from a few weeks to a number of months.

Graduates are available to work full-time from June. Students can undertake full-time internships across the Summer. If you’d like to recruit a student to work during term-time, an alternative to an internship would be to recruit a student on a part-time role, which you can do at any time. Or you can recruit a student on a placement which is a period of work experience of up to one year (depending on the course) that is undertaken as part of a programme of study.

You can advertise paid student and graduate opportunities including internships on our vacancy portal.


We do often have funding available to support you with the salaries of students and graduates and when these become available you will be able to find further details on these pages. If you would like to be notified directly when funding becomes available, please complete our enquiry form. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY DELIVERING A FUNDED SCHEME.

We talked to some of the employers that have experienced recruiting our students and graduates to internships.

“Having a talented and highly qualified graduate is hugely beneficial for us and our clients – something that was made affordable and really simple to do through the support of NEBS". Graeme Mills, SmartCarbon 



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