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Studying with Productivity Apps

Jae Rwen Teh Student Life

Exam and assignment season is right around the corner and these months are quite possibly a student’s busiest time of the year. Instead of pumping yourself with copious amounts of coffee to keep up with the syllabus and assignments, work smart! In order to help you accomplish your goals, I have put together a selection of applications that can help you get organised and begin to manage your priorities easily!

Here’s a list of Productivity Apps to try out in 2018:


First on the list is the ever-trusty organisation and productivity app, it hardly needs an introduction – Evernote. Evernote allows you to streamline both your work life and personal life on multiple platforms including your phone, laptop or tablet. With this app, you don’t have to remember which device you last wrote a note on, because it’s in Evernote. There is a multitude of functions available on this app so if you need to get your digital documents sorted, look no further.


Google Keep

If you’re looking  for a no-fuss, minimalist note app that can be accessed from anywhere online, Google Keep does the job well. It is great for writing checklists and small notes that you wish to jot down. With the Google ecosystem that it is integrated into, it works seamlessly with Google Drive and Google Docs.



When you’re starting a project, Todoist helps you break down large tasks and keeps them organised for you. With this app, you can set daily and weekly goals and visualise your productivity trends. Top tip: divide daunting tasks into smaller ones to get that task fulfilment dopamine hit.



Trello is a great tool for planning and organising projects. This works especially well if you’re working in a group project because of its collaborative feature. Tasks are visualised as ‘cards’ which can be grouped as ‘boards’. These cards can be assigned to certain individuals, so you can see at a glance who’s working on what.  



Sometimes personal technology can be a distraction. Whenever you want to focus without getting distracted by your phone, open the Forest app and plant trees. Subsequently, the tree will grow when you are working. However, the tree will be killed if you leave the Forest app. The harder you work, the lusher your forest is. This app is intended to develop a ‘no smartphone’ habit to increase your productivity. The best time to use Forest is when you are working, studying or just spending time with friends as it encourages a habit of being present in your daily life. 



Productivity and a positive mindset are an inseparable duo, hence the inclusion of a mindfulness app to the list would make complete sense. The Mindfulness app offers you all the tools you need to sustain a peaceful state of mind and to handle the stress unbelievably well. Think of it as a digital retreat from reality!


Google Drive

Google’s cloud storage service, Google Drive, serves as a great productivity aid due to its integration with the rest of the Google ecosystem. You can upload and download any file to access on another computer through the website. The tool’s file sharing and collaboration features let you easily work on shared projects with your teammates. This service is strongly recommended if you aren’t already using it.


Nu Connect

It is always a hassle to check your class timetable using Blackboard. NU Connect lets students view their daily class schedule with ease. Besides checking your timetable, you’re able to look up PC availability, Staff contact details, campus bus details and many more. This is an essential app for every Northumbria University student!  


Google Calendar

Google Calendar allows you to sync your class timetable into the app. What that means is that you can easily check the classes you have for the day without logging into Blackboard. The smart tool is makes every appointment painless to schedule and virtually impossible to miss. The best thing about this no-frills calendar is how it integrates with the rest of your system!



This is a simple app that lets you scan any document to PDF format directly. If you have any physical papers you want to digitally document, this is would be an apt app!  You can also annotate your scans with notes and highlighting, and save your documents to the cloud to access on other devices.

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