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Dr Aleksei Turobov

Research Fellow

Department: Social Sciences

Aleksei Turobov joined Northumbria University in March 2023 as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Cybersecurity and Technology Policy.
He has published six peer-reviewed articles, conference publications, and three Working Papers on security studies, electronic voting, digital policy and public opinion.

He holds a doctoral degree in Political Sciences from HSE University, where he developed his thesis on security transformation under the influence of digitalisation and automation technologies. In the thesis, he argues that digitalisation is a political process and subject to political decisions. In doing so, he theoretically and empirically analysed the evolution of the security sphere, the development of understanding security in different states, and how digitalisation is conceptualised as a political process and defines digital technologies. Methods included both network analysis, which was used to demonstrate international competition in digitalisation, and empirical models of countries' national security associated with digital technologies (using the example of Artificial Intelligence). 
This research has two main contributions. First, it provides a framework for evaluating the dynamics of security system development in particular states under the influence of artificial intelligence technology. Second, it provides insight into the essential phenomena of digitalisation from an institutional perspective. While previous research has primarily focused on the technical side of this phenomenon, this work demonstrates that states (governments) are institutionally adapting to technological challenges in security, integrating technologies and controlling changes in their security systems.

Before moving to Northumbria University, Aleksei was a Lecturer, and Research Fellow at HSE University, working on seven research projects in five years. In addition, he taught four research seminars in research design and methods in Social and Political Science, two courses on Digital Policy, and two Minor courses on Comparative Politics and Modern Politics. In 2020, he was recognised as the Best Lecturer according to student voting.

Aleksei Turobov

Aleksei's research focuses on the interconnection between 'security' and 'digital' with a focus on the social and political effects and impacts:
1) a transformation of national and international security;
2) the evolution of security and threats;  
3) (de)Securitisation of digital technologies.

Security Studies; Digital Transformation; Digital Sovereignty; (De)Securitisation; Comparative Politics; Information Policy; Education Policy.

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  • Artificial Intelligence and Security: Transformation and Consistency, Turobov, A. 14 Jun 2022
  • The Internet Shutdown during the Protest: a Model of Changing the Network Structure with an Adjustable Level of Continuity of Connections., Akhremenko, A., Zheglov, S., Petrov, A., Turobov, A. 12 Nov 2022, 2022 15th International Conference Management of large-scale system development (MLSD), Piscataway, IEEE
  • Возможности трансплантации политических институтов при торговле технологиями: результаты сетевого анализа в сравнительной перспективе, Turobov, A. 11 Apr 2022, In: Tomsk State University Journal of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science
  • Not Unique, not Universal: Risk Perception and Acceptance of Online Voting Technology by Russian Citizens, Babayan, V., Turobov, A. 30 Dec 2021, In: Monitoring Obshchestvennogo Mneniya: Ekonomicheskie i Sotsial'nye Peremeny
  • Privacy Versus Security in Trying Times: Evidence from Russian Public Opinion, Chmel, K., Marques, I., Mironyuk, M., Rosenberg, D., Turobov, A. 1 Dec 2021
  • Public Trust in Internet Voting Systems: Evidence from Russian Public Opinion, Babayan, V., Marques, I., Mironyuk, M., Turobov, A. 2 Dec 2021
  • Эмпирическая модель анализа динамики алгоритмизации (технологии искусственного интеллекта) в сфере обеспечения безопасности на примере США, Turobov, A., Mironyuk, M. 23 Aug 2021, In: Political science (RU)
  • Международный опыт применения математико-статистических алгоритмов прогнозирования преступности, Turobov, A., Chumakova, M., Vecherin, A. 1 Jun 2020, In: Mezhdunarodnye Protsessy
  • Мишени цифровых технологий через призму образования, Antonova, A., Turobov, A. 24 Sep 2020, In: Education Policy (RU)

In addition to security studies and digitalisation, Aleksei is interested in information policy and education policy. The issue of digital sovereignty occupies a particular place in the research agenda of Aleksei, both at the national level and in the context of current geopolitical tensions.
Aleksei is passionate about the methods and methodology of research design and is an 'ambassador' of mixed research designs.

  • Politics PhD October 20 2022
  • Law MA June 30 2014
  • Law BA June 30 2013

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