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I have been involved in several interdisciplinary research projects on the management and governance of climate change. I have also studied the management of the first phases of Covid-19 in Italy and new forms of digital vulnerability in time of pandemic. I have also investigated digital inequalities in the UK, and I am currently investigating environmental awareness and digital experience. I am exploring the Bourdieusian concept of habitus in relation to the combination of technological competencies, environmental awareness and existing socio-economic-cultural backgrounds. This research interest comes from my background in both sociology and media and communication. My first PhD focused on sociology, whilst the second PhD research explores media construction of climate change narratives. 

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  • Representation of climate change consequences in British newspapers, Ruiu, M. 1 Oct 2021, In: European Journal of Communication
  • Persistence of Scepticism in Media Reporting on Climate Change: The Case of British Newspapers, Ruiu, M. 2 Jan 2021, In: Environmental Communication
  • Similarities and differences in managing the Covid-19 crisis and climate change risk, Ruiu, M., Ragnedda, M., Ruiu, G. 20 Oct 2020, In: Journal of Knowledge Management
  • Mismanagement of Covid-19: lessons learned from Italy, Ruiu, M. 2 Aug 2020, In: Journal of Risk Research
  • Digital capital and online activities: An empirical analysis of the second level of digital divide, Ruiu, M., Ragnedda, M. 6 Jul 2020, In: First Monday
  • Digital inequalities in time of pandemic: COVID-19 exposure risk profiles and new forms of vulnerability, Robinson, L., Schulz, J., Khilnani, A., Ono, H., Cotten, S., McClain, N., Levine, L., Chen, W., Huang, G., Casilli, A., Tubaro, P., Dodel, M., Quan-Haase, A., Ruiu, M., Ragnedda, M., Aikat, D., Tolentino, N. 6 Jul 2020, In: First Monday
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  • Measuring Digital Capital: An empirical investigation, Ragnedda, M., Ruiu, M., Addeo, F. 1 May 2020, In: New Media and Society
  • Digital Capital: A Bourdieusian Perspective on the Digital Divide, Ragnedda, M., Ruiu, M. 2020
  • The complex relationship between education and happiness: The case of highly educated individuals in Italy, Ruiu, G., Ruiu, M. 1 Dec 2019, In: Journal of Happiness Studies

  • Media Studies PhD October 10 2022
  • Sociology PhD March 30 2013

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