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  • Cycling reduces the entropy of neuronal activity in the human adult cortex, Ferré, I., Corso, G., Lima, G., Lopes, S., Leocadio-Miguel, M., França, L., Prado, T., Araújo, J. 1 Feb 2024
  • Hemodialysis-induced chronodisruption and chronotype distribution in patients with chronic kidney disease, Nunes, P., Resende, C., Barros Silva, E., Piones Bastos, D., Ramires Filho, M., Leocadio-Miguel, M., Pedrazzoli, M., Sobreira-Neto, M., De Andrade, T., Góes Gitaí, L., Teles, F. 4 Feb 2024, In: Chronobiology International
  • Use of sleep quality questionary and cortisol awakening response as complementary tools for the evaluation of major depression progression, Torres, L., Medeiros, Y., de Sousa, G., Vargas, H., de Menezes Galvão, A., de Almeida, R., Leocadio-Miguel, M., Lobão-Soares, B., Palhano-Fontes, F., de Araujo, D., Galvão-Coelho, N. 7 Mar 2024, In: Current Psychology
  • A Truck Driver with an Irregular Sleep Schedule, Ulhôa, M., Leocadio-Miguel, M. 16 Nov 2023, Clinical Cases in Sleep Physical Therapy, Cham, Switzerland, Springer
  • Blue light exposure-dependent improvement in robustness of circadian rest-activity rhythm in aged rats, da Silva, E., Santana, N., de Melo Seixas, N., Bezerra, L., Silva, M., Santos, S., Cavalcante, J., Leocadio-Miguel, M., Engelberth, R. 4 Oct 2023, In: PLoS One
  • Cardiometabolic risk factors and social jetlag in university professors, Galeno, D., Peixoto, H., Carneiro, B., Leocadio-Miguel, M. 30 Jun 2023, In: Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
  • Predicting depressive symptoms in middle-aged and elderly adults using sleep data and clinical health markers: a machine learning approach, Basilio Silva Gomez, S., von Schantz, M., Miguel, M. 1 Feb 2023, In: Sleep Medicine
  • Psychophysiological responses to group cognitive-behavioral therapy in depressive patients, Varela, Y., de Almeida, R., Galvão, A., de Sousa Jr, G., de Lima, A., da Silva, N., Leocadio-Miguel, M., Lobão-Soares, B., Hallak, J., Maia-de-Oliveira, J., Galvão-Coelho, N. 1 Jan 2023, In: Current Psychology
  • Changes in the rest-activity rhythm in migraine patients are associated with anxiety symptoms, David, M., Mattos, M., Souto, J., Brito, S., Leite, E., Valença, E., Galdino, G., Sampaio, P., Moura, D., Miguel, M., Araújo, J., Franco, C., Matos, R. 24 Oct 2022, In: Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry
  • Practice recommendations for the role of physiotherapy in the management of sleep disorders: the 2022 Brazilian Sleep Association Guidelines, Frange, C., Franco, A., Brasil, E., Hirata, R., Lino, J., Mortari, D., Ykeda, D., Leocádio-Miguel, M., D'Aurea, C., Silva, L., Telles, S., Furlan, S., Peruchi, B., Leite, C., Yagihara, F., Campos, L., Ulhôa, M., Cruz, M., Beidacki, R., Santos, R., de Queiroz, S., Barreto, S., Piccin, V., Coelho, F., Studart, L., Assis, M., Drager, L. 2022, In: Sleep Science

  • Physiology PhD December 18 2012
  • Physiology MSc December 20 2006
  • Physiotherapy BSc December 16 2002

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