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  • A New, Simple SFC Open Economy Framework, Carnevali, E. 3 Jul 2022, In: Review of Political Economy
  • Competitive vs Cumulative Approach in Teaching Macroeconomics: Some Thoughts on Recent Popular Textbooks, Carnevali, E. Jun 2022, In: PSL Quarterly Review
  • Inequality and exchange rate movements in an open-economy macroeconomic model, Carnevali, E., Ruggeri, F., Veronese Passarella, M. 29 Jun 2022, In: Review of Political Economy
  • Is socialism back? A review of contemporary economic literature, Carnevali, E., Pedersen Ystehede, A. 19 Jan 2022, In: Journal of Economic Surveys
  • The trade-off between inflation and unemployment in an ‘MMT world’: an open-economy perspective, Carnevali, E., Deleidi, M. 1 Apr 2022, In: European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies: Intervention
  • What modern monetary theory is, and what it is not, Carnevali, E., Fontana, G. 1 Oct 2022, In: European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies: Intervention
  • Price Mechanism and Endogenous Productivity in an Open Economy Stock-Flow Consistent Model, Carnevali, E. 1 Feb 2021, In: Metroeconomica
  • Assessing the Marshall–Lerner condition within a stock-flow consistent model, Carnevali, E., Fontana, G., Veronese Passarella , M. 7 Jul 2020, In: Cambridge Journal of Economics
  • Cross-Border Financial Flows and Global Warming In a Two-Area Ecological SFC Model, Carnevali, E., Deleidi, M., Pariboni, R., Veronese Passarella, M. 10 Mar 2020, In: Socio-Economic Planning Sciences
  • Productivity Growth, Smith Effects and Ricardo Effects in Euro Area’s manufacturing Industries, Carnevali, E., Godin, A., Lucarelli , S., Varonese Passarella , M. 1 Feb 2020, In: Metroeconomica

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