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Financial Crime

Financial or ‘white collar crime’ has been a subject of academic interest since the 1940s and the pioneering work of Edwin Sutherland.

More recently, however, efforts to counter fraud, money laundering, corruption and bribery are positioned at the forefront of national and international collaborative efforts to counter the global threat to the integrity of financial markets and systems arising from organised crime. Mechanisms to counter this threat are embedded within international and national legal and regulatory frameworks. The Financial Crime Compliance Research Group regularly contributes to government consultations and is represented on expert panels in connection with money laundering and asset recovery. 

Recent contributions:

The Transposition of the 5th Money Laundering Directive into UK law

The Law Commission consultation on reforming the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 in relation to the reporting regime (No384) and on the recovery of assets (No236)

RUSI panel on the FATF strategic Review

Recent research projects include:

Professor Jackie Harvey EU study on freezing, confiscation and asset recovery in the EU member states – what works and what does not work, DG Home, Country Expert

Professor Jackie Harvey (Northumbria and international collaborators) £266k DFID funded GI-Anti-Corruption Evidence project ‘Practical interventions for uncovering and identifying ‘Beneficial Ownership’ as a mechanism to recover the proceeds of corruption –A Nigerian case study’

Recent Publications include:

Doig A and Sproat,P (in press) ‘Local responses to a national initiative on organised crime and local government procurement fraud, Journal of Financial Crime

Harvey, J (in press) Tracking the International Proceeds of Corruption and the Challenges of National Boundaries and National Agencies:  The UK Example Public Money and Management Special issue on the Dynamics of the Fight against Fraud and Bribery: Reflections on Core Themes

Harvey, J (2020) ‘Tracking the International Proceeds of Corruption and the Challenges of National Boundaries and National Agencies: The UK Example’, in Public Money and Management 4(5), pp.360-368

Gelemerova L., Harvey J., and van Duyne PC. (2018). The Critical Handbook of Money Laundering Policy, analysis and myths.  London: Palgrave

Sittlington, S and Harvey, J. (2018) “Prevention of Money Laundering and the Role of Asset Recovery.” Crime, Law and Social Change 70(4), 421-444

Turner, S., Bainbridge, J. (2018). “An Anti-Money Laundering Timeline and the Relentless Regulatory Response,”  The Journal of Criminal Law 82(3), 215-231

Gelemerova L., Harvey J., and van Duyne PC. (2018) ‘Banks assessing corruption risk – a Risky undertaking’ in Campbell L and Lord, N Corruption (2018) Chapter 10, pp. 182-198 in Commercial Enterprise: Law, Theory and Practice, Oxford: Routledge.

Duyne, P.C. van, Harvey J., & Gelemerova, L., (2018) The crusade for purity: Corruption and laundering Chapter in Duyne, P.C. van, Strémy, T, Harvey, J., Antonopoulos G and von Lampe, K, ­ The Janus-faces of cross-border crime in Europe, Eleven International publishing, The Hague,  pp 219 - 249



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