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What is UCAS Clearing?

All you need to know to get you through the UCAS Clearing process.

Clearing Helpline: 0800 085 1085

Clearing is your opportunity to find a course with vacancies if you don’t have a confirmed place. Find out more about the UCAS Clearing Process from Northumbria University.

Northumbria University | Clearing from Northumbria University on Vimeo.

Northumbria University’s UCAS clearing process is your opportunity to find a course with vacancies if you don’t have a confirmed place. Find out more about the UCAS clearing process below.

You are eligible to go through UCAS clearing to find a place if you have applied in the current application year and if you:

  • Are not holding any offers (firm or insurance) from your initial UCAS applications (including any through Extra).
  • Applied after 30 June.
  • Do not have a confirmed place from your firm or insurance course.
  • Have declined all of your choices or been declined by default.
  • Have not withdrawn your application.

If you originally only applied for one course for the reduced fee of £18, you'll have to pay an additional £6 to apply through clearing. Log on to your UCAS Track account to make the additional payment.

If you are eligible for UCAS Clearing then UCAS will automatically give you a Clearing Number, you can see this by logging on to your UCAS Track account.


What is the UCAS Clearing process?

Clearing is a great opportunity for you to find a place on another course. Some of our most successful students come to Northumbria University through Clearing.

  • UCAS Track will show if you’re eligible for Clearing.
  • The UCAS website will list all Clearing vacancies for all universities and all courses. There are lots of these, so it’s a good idea to have a shortlist of courses and universities you’d like to apply to.
  • You can also search for courses with Clearing places on individual university websites.
  • Decide which courses and where you would like to study and start calling universities.
  • You can approach as many universities as you want during Clearing and don’t have to accept the first offer you get (unless you really want to).
  • If you want to apply to Northumbria University, call our Clearing Helpline on 0800 085 1085.

What to expect when you call:

  • You must call yourself. Sorry, we can’t speak to your family or friends on your behalf.
  • Have your UCAS personal identification number and your Clearing number handy. You’ll find this on your UCAS Track account.
  • Know the title and UCAS code of the course you are interested in studying.
  • Have details of all your qualifications, including your GCSE and other results.
  • Be prepared to talk to the Admissions Tutor and answer questions about why you want to choose a particular course.
  • Have a pen and paper to hand so you can note down important details.
  • Think of any questions you want to ask to help you make your decision.

What happens next?

If we offer you a place through Clearing, we’ll confirm this by email, so please check your inbox (including junk folders).

We will hold this offer open for you for 48 hours. Sorry, we can’t guarantee we can hold a place for you any longer than this. If you’re waiting for another university to respond before you make your decision, please call us on 0800 085 1085.

Your email will include details of what you need to do next.

Use UCAS track to enter the details of the university and the course that has made you an offer if you want to accept it.

You can only enter details for one choice.

Once you accept your Clearing place, you’ll get a Confirmation letter from UCAS with details of what to do next.

For certain courses, such as education, health and social care, you may need to provide additional information. Your university will advise you on this and it’s important that you complete any paperwork you are sent promptly.

By accepting a place on a course, you’ll be accepting the University’s terms and conditions, and cannot apply for another university place.

Got a place through Clearing? Visit us...

Congratulations on securing your place and welcome to Northumbria! If you wish to visit to get a feel for the campus you can drop in during any of the following times;

  • Thursday 16 August 10 – 5pm
  • Friday 17 August 10 – 4pm
  • Saturday 18 August 10 – 4pm


You will have the opportunity to have a look around the campus, meet with current students and chat with staff from our Student Support & Wellbeing and Accommodation services. There will also be a chance to view and apply for available accommodation.

On arrival on campus head to the reception area in the Business & Law School (CCE1).

Travel directions

Campus map

Student finance when entering through UCAS Clearing or Adjustment

If you are applying for a course at Northumbria University through UCAS Clearing or Adjustment, you will need to consider your finance options. Preparing yourself in advance means you can be calmer on the day if you do enter the Clearing or Adjustment service.

If you've already applied for student finance and the course you are accepting in the UCAS clearing process has changed from the one on your application form, then you need to let your funding authority know as it could affect what you're entitled to.

However, if you haven't yet applied for student finance, then you will need to do so quickly. You can download more information here (pdf).

Take a look at our Results Day & UCAS Clearing Process Q&A

Clearing Course Search

Search online to view our courses in clearing. If you don’t quite have our standard entry requirements but are close to them then do give us a call as it may still be possible to consider you.

Clearing Guide Mobile App

We know you probably have lots of questions and/or even worries around results day, so, we thought you might find our brand new Clearing Guide app a useful source of information to help you through the UCAS Clearing and Confirmation process!

Clearing Alerts

Sign up to receive Clearing information & alerts from Northumbria on WhatsApp!

Additional Qualifications

You may not be aware but Northumbria University accept a number of ‘additional’ qualifications which can be counted towards your UCAS points total*

Clearing Experiences

UCAS Clearing can seem like a really scary and daunting experience but it's actually quite a positive and stress-free process for most students. To help you understand UCAS Clearing and see how positive it can be we asked a number of our students who came to us through Clearing to tell us their experiences.

Advice for Parents and Guardians

Help your son or daughter stay calm by working with them to prepare for what will happen if they enter UCAS Clearing on results day 2018

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