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EU Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship

Everything you need to know about Northumbria's scholarship for postgraduate students from the European Union.


EU Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship

Your world is changing, and at Northumbria we stand with you to help you achieve your goals. We’re ready to bring together our inspirational postgraduate courses, innovative forward-looking schemes, and students like you. Students who are curious, academically gifted, and hard-working.

The EU Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship gives high performing students a £1,000 discount on their Masters tuition fees. Students who meet the academic requirements below will automatically qualify for this high value scholarship when they enrol at the University.  There is no need to submit a separate scholarship application. Please note that this scheme is only open to students who study a full-time Masters programme at the University’s Newcastle upon Tyne campus. Students joining Masters programmes at the Amsterdam and London campuses are not eligible.  If you have any questions about this scheme, please contact  

Apply now and get ready to #TakeOnTomorrow.

Academic Requirements for European Students

 Country  Academic Requirements*

Bachelors degree with classification Mit gutem Erfolg bestanden/Gut/Mit Auszeichnung bestanden


Bachelor degree or Licentiaat/Licencie with average grade of 70% or 14/20


Bachelors degree (Bakalavr) with grade 5


Bachelors degree (Baccalaureus) with grade 4

Cyprus (EU)

Bachelors degree (Pytchio) with grade of 7/10 or 15/20

Czech Republic

Bachelors Degree (Bakalár) with grade 1.75


Bachelors degree with grade 10


Bachelor degree (Kandidaatti / Kandidat) with grade 2 on a 1-3 scale and 4 on a 1-5 scale. 


Bachelors degree (Licence) with grade 13


Bachelors degree/Diplom with grade 2


Bachelors degree (Pytchio) with a grade of 7


Bachelor degree (Alapfokozat) or College degree (Főiskola Oklevel) with grade 4.0 or above


Bachelor Honours degree with 1st class honours


Bachelors degree (Laurea) with grade of 100/110


Bachelor degree (Bakalaurs) with grade 8


Bachelors degree (Bakalauras) with grade 8


Bachelors degree - upper second class


Bachelor degree with grade 7


Bachelor Degree (Licencjat/Inzynier) with grade 4.5 

Portugal Licenciado or Diploma de Estudios Superiores Especializados with grade 16
Romania  Diploma de Licenta with grade 8.5

Bachelor degree (Bakalár) with grade B/Vel' mi dobrý


Diplomant or Univerzitetni Diplomant with grade 8.5


Licenciado/Título de Ingeniero/ Título de Arquitecto/Título de Graduado with grade 7


Bachelors degree with classification Väl godkänd/pass with distinction



2019 Terms and Conditions

In order to qualify for the EU Excellence Scholarship, applicants must:

  • Make an application to Northumbria University for a full-time Postgraduate Masters course at the Newcastle upon Tyne campus.  Students joining Masters programmes at the University’s Amsterdam and London campuses are not eligible for this scholarship.  

  • Disclose all relevant qualifications in their application form.  If students have eligible qualifications that are not listed, we cannot determine your eligibility and you will not be considered as a candidate for the scholarship.

  • Achieve the Country Academic Requirements, as well as all other terms and conditions of their University offer.

  • Be eligible to pay Home fees.  This scholarship is not available for students who are eligible to pay international fees.

  • Be ordinarily a resident in an EU member state outside of the UK. This scholarship is not available for European students who are already a resident in the UK when they apply to study at the University. For the avoidance of doubt, the address shown on your application will be used to confirm your residence status.

  • If a student is awarded a scholarship through another scheme operated by the University (e.g. Vice Chancellors Scholarship) then they will no longer be eligible for the EU Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship.  

Important Information

  • There is no separate application form for this scholarship; eligible EU students will be automatically considered.

  • Payment will be in the form of a fee waiver and no cash alternative will be offered.

  • If you owe the University tuition fees or have other outstanding debt, then payment will not be made until the debt is cleared and you may be withdrawn from the EU Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship scheme.

  • If you take a leave of absence or defer your place at Northumbria University before the scholarship has been paid, the scholarship offer will be withdrawn.

  • If you decide to leave your course after the scholarship payment has been made, the University will not make efforts to reclaim the amount.

  • Recipients of the scholarship may be asked to support the University's wider EU recruitment activities. Arrangements for this will be negotiated with individual students as required.

  • Northumbria reserves the right to change the format of the Academic Excellence Scholarship, amend these terms and conditions or withdraw the Academic Excellence Scholarship at any time. Notice of any changes will be given on Northumbria’s website.

Last updated: 31/07/19

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