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This course is an open Continuing Professional Development course. In order to book, please follow the booking link, or if not available, fill out the enquiry form and a member of staff will be in touch with you shortly.  

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Course Information

Mode of Study
Short Course

Northumbria University, Think Lab

Start TBC

2 hours

Engineering and Manufacturing

Cost: £100 (plus VAT) per attendee. Sessions are available free of charge for our partner schools

Drawing upon expertise from the Faculty of Engineering and Environment, this course is delivered by a primary science outreach specialist with considerable primary teaching experience.

Our NU STEM team has a wealth of experience in science communication and formal education and comprises of public engagement, industry and education specialists.


Teaching will be lab-based and delivered through group work, activities and discussion. You will have the opportunity to network with colleagues and discuss opportunities for building Science Capital.

A certificate of completion can be provided for participants.


This content of this course is informed by research into factors that influence young people’s career choices and delivered by an education specialist with a research interest in under-represented groups in STEM careers. This will give you the opportunity to explore the influences that shape young people’s choices and sense of self.


As well as enhancing your CV, updating your knowledge with cutting-edge research in the field of education will enable you to develop science education within your school and improve outcomes for your students.


You will have access to industry standard facilities in our dedicated NU STEM lab space. Our well-resourced, interactive learning zone has full WiFi access and cutting-edge teaching equipment.


Do children generally like science? Often, yes. Do they think that they could have a career in science? Generally, no. In this training session you will be given the chance to explore the idea of ‘Science Capital’ – the feelings and experiences a person might have which would predispose them to choosing a career in science. Science Capital can be affected by experiences both at school and at home, and influenced through free-time activities, role models and peer groups. Learning about Science Capital can help us understand why some children go on to study science and others do not, while providing a framework for developing science-related knowledge, attributes, experience and resources. This course can help you to assess your own Science Capital and that of your pupils and look beyond the classroom to develop new tools for teaching science and build the science capital of young people and their support networks. 

Classroom Teachers and Science Leaders – not industry

Cost: £100 (plus VAT) per attendee.

Sessions are available free of charge for our partner schools

Please register your interest for this course and we will be in touch once we have confirmed dates.

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