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Integrated Business Process Management with ERP
TBC | 2 weeks FT or 10 working days PT

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the most common type of Integrated Enterprise System. “Integrated” refers to many departments and functions of the enterprise sharing the same application and data.

This course is both practical and theoretical nature and provides an introduction and overview of Integrated Business Process Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and the application of SAP to support and enhance these processes. It is particularly pertinent to employees of large commercial organisations and manufacturing organisations. You will learn the importance of business processes and the role information is increasingly playing in modern organisations.

You will become able to identify, define and explain the major process required by all businesses. You will learn how to critically analyse the role business processes integration plays within modern business and how to critically analyse the information flow between these processes. Throughout you will develop the appropriate supporting technical skills in ERP using SAP.

Course Information

Award Type A study certificate is issued by Northumbria University. Students are encouraged to take the SAP Terp 10 certificate exam from SAP company.

Delivery Method Lecture+Lab

Mode of Study
Intensive training

Northumbria University, City Campus

Start TBC

2 weeks FT or 10 working days PT

Architecture, Built Environment and Construction, Digital, Tech and Creative, Engineering and Manufacturing, Financial and Legal Services, Leadership and Management


We have a group of experts specialised in SAP ERP and business process management. Previous students who have successfully completed this course have gone on to successfully complete the SAP Terp 10 Business Process Consultant exam at a discounted price. The SAP Ter 10 certificate has assisted them to obtain promotion, alternative employment or set up their own consultant companies. Further study was required to achieve this.

You will learn Integrated Business Process Management from our SAP certified experts. As well as being certified our experts are actively engaged in research in the related area. You will be taught by a mixture of lectures, workshops, and lab classes. About half of the syllabus will be directly related to the SAP software environment.

In order to further promote your understanding you will be invited to complete two pieces of assessed work. One of these shall be completed as a group endeavour the other as an individual. The group investigation is based on a functional area investigating how the integrated system deals with business complexity beyond the standard process. It also will include consideration of wider business implications of chosen solution. The investigation will require further study of the process and underpinning data structures. Individual assignment focuses on key issues for implementation of a specific area.

The syllabus will include:

  • Background, definitions, benefits and issues of ERP and related systems
  • Business processes involved in the process areas including
  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Materials Management (with Purchasing or Procurement) (MM)
  • Warehouse Management (WM)
  • Finance (FI/CO/AM)
  • Human Resource (HCM)
  • Project Management (PS)
  • Understanding of the cross-functional implications of integration
  • Practical experience user interface including underlying architecture
  • Implementation issues and practices

Our students come from all backgrounds. A large proportion of those who study the course are already graduates in a variety of disciplines. We however normally expect you have studied to at-least a certificate of Higher Education level.

Applications are considered on their own merits and career changers without traditional academic qualification but with substantial work experience are encouraged to apply.

1) Explain how Integrated Enterprise Systems support a variety of business functions and organisational structures.

2) Critically discuss the strategic and cross-functional importance of business processes and business data.

3) Analyse the various factors required to roll out a business system successfully



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