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Northumbria and your country

Please note - scholarship qualification information is for students beginning a course in 2018/19 only. General qualification information is for students beginning a course in 18/19 and in 19/20.

For 19/20 International Funding and Scholarship information please click here

Northumbria University has approximately 33,500 students, 23% of whom are international. A thriving multi-national community of staff and students from over 136 countries ensures you will receive a warm welcome whichever programme you study.

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Please select the relevant country from the list below. If your country is not mentioned, please contact the International Office directly for further information. If the qualification you have studied does not appear on your country’s page check the Non Country Specific Qualifications page; if you still cannot find your qualification please contact our Applicant Services Team.

To find out when we will be visiting your country, please check out Meet us in your Country.

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