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Dr Jinming Zheng


Department: Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation


Jinming Zheng 

After completing a BA in Japanese at China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, Jinming decided to initiate a career transition and expand his ‘compass’ from Socialism with Chinese characteristics to the Capitalist territory by moving to Loughborough University to undertake an MSc degree in sport management. This one-year experience further reinforced his determination to be involved in an elite sport-related research area, premised on his longstanding combined interest in national flags and the Five Rings since his childhood. This commitment is evidenced in his PhD obtained from Loughborough University, which focused on a comparative study of the policy processes of elite sport development in China and the UK.

Propelled by a desire to carve a niche in an Asian cosmopolis, Jinming worked as a post-doctoral research fellow (undertaking both research and teaching activities) at Department of Physical Education (renamed Department of Sport and Physical Education in September 2018), Hong Kong Baptist University, before commencing his post as a lecturer (equivalent to assistant professor in the USA and Hong Kong) in sport management at Northumbria University in September 2018. His current teaching involves both the panorama and specific aspects of the broad sport management ‘repertoire’, as well as research methods most notably qualitative research strategy. Regarding research, Jinming’s research interests mainly comprise elite sport policy and development, Olympic medal distribution and configuration analysis particularly for non-major nations and nations’ Olympic strategy. The interplay between teaching and research is highly valued, including both the application of research outputs and findings to underpin and extend teaching materials, and the inspiration of research ideas from teaching practice and interaction with students.

Jinming is fluent in English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese, in terms of both speaking and writing. This triple language proficiency underpins his research and involvement (network expansion) in relation to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, which also facilitates students’ international participation and Asian link, engulfed in the tide of globalisation and Brexit. Currently, Jinming is working as a team member for Hong Kong government/Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s project on reviewing and refining Hong Kong national sports associations’ subvention modes and learning from various foreign nations and regions including the UK and Japan. There are also ongoing and forthcoming PhD opportunities for students aspiring for elite sport-related topics on the Olympic Games in general and Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 in particular.

Campus Address

NB234 (Room 234, Northumberland Building)
Northumbria University
Newcastle upon Tyne


  • Sport PhD July 01 2015
  • Sport Management MSc December 01 2011
  • Linguistics BA July 01 2010

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • The ‘30-Gold’ Ambition and Japan’s Momentum for Elite Sport Success: Feasibility and Policy Changes, Zheng, J., Liu, D. 19 Jun 2020, In: Sport in Society
  • An organizational life cycle approach to exploring the elite sport legacy of Summer Olympic host nations, Chen, S., Zheng, J., Dickson, G. 19 Jun 2019, In: International Journal of the History of Sport
  • Competitive balance and medal distributions at the Summer Olympic Games 1992-2016, Zheng, J., Dickson, G., Oh, T., De Bosscher, V. 4 May 2019, In: Managing Sport and Leisure
  • Interorganisational conflict between national and provincial sport organisations within China's elite sport system: Perspectives from national organisations, Zheng, J., Lau, W., Chen, S., Dickson, G., De Bosscher, V., Peng, Q. 5 Nov 2019, In: Sport Management Review
  • Policy transfer in elite sport development: The case of elite swimming in China, Tan, T., Zheng, J., Dickson, G. 20 Oct 2019, In: European Sport Management Quarterly
  • Sport policy in China, Zheng, J., Chen, S., Tan, T., Houlihan, B. Sep 2018
  • Sport policy in China (Mainland), Zheng, J., Chen, S., Tan, T., Lau, P. 2018, In: International Journal of Sport Policy
  • Volunteering for sports mega events: A non-host region perspective, Chen, S., Zheng, J., Dickson, G. 9 Oct 2018, In: Managing Sport and Leisure
  • 「中国のスポーツビジネスの未来, Zheng, J. 2018, スポーツビジネスの未来 2018-2027, Tokyo, NikkeiBP Intelligence group


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