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Dr Richard Binns

Principal Lecturer

Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

Richard Binns attended Huddersfield University to study Electronic and Information Engineering as an undergraduate and then did a PhD in Analogue Test Strategies.

EE Richardbinns Staffprofile 255I attended Huddersfield University to study Electronic and Information Engineering as an undergraduate and then did a PhD in Analogue Test Strategies. This involved the design of circuitry for an IC and then deriving methods for testing the design built without direct connection to parts of the circuit. The work basically centred on the clever application of current monitoring techniques and the stimulation of circuitry using pulses. 

Campus Address

Ellison Building

0191 227 3670

Talking Point

Aside from teaching, I have worked on a couple of consultancy projects, mainly in electronics and system development. However I would be open to using my network experience. I have also made the decision to focus in learning rather than research. My current job post also makes it quite hard to progress research activities!

My hobbies are too sad to mention, but generally including rebuilding servers, networks and operating systems. I have a Linux based server in the attic, along with a BSD firewall, and a multilayer switched home network with 3 access points operating in 2.4 and 5G frequency bands. I enjoy most science fiction, and some DIY around the house. My son has a bedroom decked out as a Tardis with a working lightbox over the door to mimic the Police Box!

Professional Activity

I joined Northumbria in 1997 coming onto a Post Doctoral research programme lead by Professor Phil Hallam. He head hunted me to work on Analogue Synthesis techniques to attempt a system of synthesis in Analogue electronics similar to the synthesis in Digital electronics today.

I teach analogue electronics which stems from my degree and PhD and is interesting in one way as many choose to study digital electronics. I also teach Networking (as its quite simple) and fun. I gained all the Cisco certifications at bootcamps, where you have to work from 8:00am to 8:00pm and then read 4 chapters of a book a night…for around two weeks solid!  ... then exams every three days (yippee). This could be many people’s idea or hell, but it’s my idea of fun!

Networking is enjoyable as you experiment with the kit and see how protocols interact, so it can be very interesting.  When the network extends to wireless networks you add a deeper dimension where my engineering background comes into play in communication theory or antenna operating principles.

The thing I love about teaching is the “a-ha” moment you see in teaching. When students are learning, often they are confused or simply don’t get some theory, one bonus for me in teaching is when the student struggles and then at some point “just gets it” … an “a-ha” moment. (Nothing to do with an excellent 80’s group)


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Research at Northumbria

Research at Northumbria

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