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Digital Business

Digital Business, combined with rapid technological innovations enabled by the internet of things (IoT), is leading to unprecedented technological advancement for business, the economy and society.

Digital Business, combined with rapid technological innovations  enabled by the  internet of things (IoT), is leading to unprecedented technological  advancement for business, the economy and society. 

This involves developing telecommunications policy and infrastructures, enabling the  adoption of mobile working applications and practices, developing smart technologies, buildings, cities, and applications. The Digital Business research cluster, at the Newcastle Business School, aims to develop excellent and high impact research, to contribute to our ‘Digital Future‘ and change the  way that work is performed and  services are delivered for the good of our society and a sustainable economy. Our Digital Business cluster is built on four  closely inter-related pillars of research.

Digital Business is situated within the wider ‘Digital Living’ Research themes for Northumbria University developing multi-disciplinary synergies and joint projects with other Faculties, UK and international universities, and external academic and practitioner organisations and communities. 

Research Staff

PhD and DBA Students

Recent Publications

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Current Seminar Programme

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Current Projects

Title: Integration Ready? Technology in Health and Care

HEIF Innovation Funded Project

November 2014 – March 2015 - ongoing, Professor Teresa Waring (Newcastle Business School) and Professor David Wainwright (Newcastle Business School) (Principal Investigators)

Collaborators: Newcastle City Council (matched funding)

Past Projects

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